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Pick up Days:
Mon. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sun. : 4pm-7pm
Pick up twice per week
3 days of food per each pick up
8 pick ups per month

A monthly service for breakfast, lunch and dinner or any one of the three options.
Full Menu: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner /Person/Month
4 weeks service: Minimum $995
Cost Breakdown/Person/Month
Dinner only: Minimum $395.00
Lunch only: Minimum $355.00
Breakfast only: Minimum $245.00
Above Price Women: 1200-1400 Calories
Men: 1600-1800 Calories
7.50% CA sales tax will be added to listed prices

Why Choose Us?
Saving about 60 hours a month!
Time saved each week
15 minutes driving back and forth to the store
45 minutes shopping and standing in line to check out
20 minutes cleaning pots and pans
*Plus handling shopping carts and risking transfer of infections to members family
Time saved each day
20 minutes making breakfast and cleaning up
or starting the new day without food for a good life
20 minutes making lunch and cleaning up
1 hour making dinner and cleaning up

Add about 60 hours of pleasure time to your life every month!

Who uses Cuisine For Fitness?
People use our food service for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are: to lose weight (even a few to gain weight), to ensure better health by avoiding fast food outlets, to save time, to save money and prevent unnecessary 'wear and tear' on Mom!

We have four delicious weekly menus that roll over on a four-week cycle. If there is a particular meal in a particular cycle that you don’t desire, you may substitute another entry from that pickup cycle, or you may select from the list that is always available for just a small fee.
Our meals are very affordably priced, especially  when you consider the time saved from shopping, cooking, the cost of food and discarded leftovers.  You will quickly discover that our meals are even more economical than fast food, and by far healthier.