Our First Blind Coffee Tasting on 1/21/2017 @ The Quarry Ponds Center in Granite Bay, CA.
We are just a small group of coffee lovers who like to try new coffee beans. Coffee is subjective. 
The results were merely our personal opinions and preferences.

We had 8 whole coffee beans: Starbucks Sumatra, Peet's Garuda Blend, Black Oak Gedeb Lot 002, Maui Island Coffee Blend, Verve Holiday Blend, Allegro Ethiopia Kochere, and the least expensive No Name Coffee.

1st Place: Verve Holiday Blend
2nd Place: Allegro Ethiopia Kochere
3rd Place: Maui Island Coffee Blend

All eight coffee beans are of course quality beans including the No Name Coffee.
Ans surprisingly the No Name Coffee was 4th place.

Congratulations to all! 

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The Story Behind the Soup

Dmitry Tursunov is a Russian ATP tennis player, for whom I would frequently prepare meals.  One day, he asked for a very specific type of Asian style soup.  Because I wasn't familiar with what he was asking for, he told me everything that it needed.  He described the exact vegetables and the dominant coconut flavor.  Since he introduced me to it, I decided to name it after him: Dmitry's Chicken Coconut Soup.

Bon appétit!


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